Should you be thinking of building your own home, and want to ensure that it can stand the test of time whilst looking stunning inside-and-out, the best course of action may be to enlist the help of a local wood supplier, such as Vetraland Selective Timber. By doing so, not only do you give yourself the chance to fulfil your need for beautiful exterior features, but you can also live in a property that is comfortable and warm. 

As a company, we have always set much store in being able to act as a retailer of all things wood-related, whilst simultaneously keeping our prices lower than those typical of the market. If this sounds appealing to you, why not call us on 0208 858 6441, or write to us at, and see how we can help you today?

Interested in Sourcing a Local Wood Supplier?

Before proceeding any further, we believe that we should draw your attention to our credentials in this particular field. Part of what makes us such an attractive choice for being your local wood supplier is the fact that, time and again, we have proven to be able to achieve total satisfaction for our clients. Understandably, if you have had no prior dealings with Vetraland Selective Timber, you may be somewhat sceptical of these claims. After reading through our extensive list of Google Reviews, however, we guarantee that you will have no doubts about our company.

A Glimpse at Our Hardwood Options

Forging a reputation for being a first-class local wood supplier is not something which was achieved with ease for us here at Vetraland Selective Timber. We have spent much time and effort into sharpening our abilities, so that our clients can benefit from them. Part of what makes our services highly sought-after is the fact that we have numerous hardwoods currently on offer. 

This range of materials is certainly our most popular, and this is down to the durability that these wood’s display. From Lignia to Iroko, Ipe to Black American Walnut – the possibilities are seemingly endless. To those of you that have not yet found what they are looking for, we suggest heading to our website’s homepage. From here, you can start exploring the vast range of options available.

Searching for Softwood?

When you are trying to determine which local wood supplier you wish to entrust with meeting your needs, it is important that you discover the level of their capabilities. If, for example, you were to decide that Vetraland Selective Timber is the right company for you, it would undoubtedly come as a major disappointment if you were to find that we only stocked hardwood. Thankfully, this is not the case – long ago, we came to the conclusion that softwood has various applications, and as such warrants a place within our stocks. This means that should you have your heart set upon using Siberian Larch or Canadian Lumber for your project, we will be sure to leave you completely satisfied.