Siberian Larch is the cladding of choice for many architects, contractors and self-builders, due to the fact that it is extremely versatile – being suitable for most external timber cladding applications – with excellent durability properties and attractive figuring.

Siberian is higher grade Larch due to the colder climate.


Prices per linear metre

145mm x 20mm Tongue&Groove V-Joint£4.85
94mm x 20mm Tongue&Groove V-Joint£3.85
145mm x 20mm PAR£3.85
94mm x 20mm PAR£2.85
69mm x 20mm PAR£2.45
45mm x 20mm PAR£1.60
Please note all prices are subject to VAT

Imported from Russia, it is one of the hardest and strongest commercial softwoods with excellent machining properties, suitable for many end uses including areas of potential high impact damage.

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