Ipé hardwood decking has a rich dark brown colour and fantastic durability as one of the hardest woods available. It is the ultimate choice for decking due to its tremendous strength (3 times harder than Oak).

After much consideration and following issues to secure FSC supply of this amazing timber, we have taken the decision to no longer deal with Ipe in order to safeguard our planet and protect the Amazon forest where it originates.

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Typical applications Exterior decking, flooring, tool handles and other turned objects.


‘Very Durable’ (25 year service) due to its hardness and natural ability to resist decay

Working qualities

Ipé has a fine texture with a closely and narrowly interlocked grain. It has a low to medium lustre, with very few knots or other irregularities.

Its incredible hardness and strength make it well suited for flooring applications, though it is referred to as 'Brazilian Walnut' among flooring dealers, it is not related to true Walnut in the Juglans genus.

Overall, Ipé is a difficult wood to work, with high cutting resistance during sawing. Ipé also has a pronounced blunting effect on cutting edges.

Botanical name

Handroanthus spp


Tropical Americas (Central and South America)

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