Sapele is much harder than African or American mahogany, and in resistance to indentation, bending strength, stiffness, and resistance to shock loads, is practically equal with English oak


Sapele PFS per linear metre

44 x 18mm
69 x 18mm
95 x 18mm
120 x 18mm
144 x 18mm
50 x 25mm
44 x 44mm
69 x 69mm
90 x 90mm
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Typical applications

Exterior and interior joinery, furniture, flooring


Moderately durable

Working qualities

It works fairly well with hand and machine tools, but the grain is often troublesome in planing and moulding, and a reduction of cutting angle is needed to obtain a good finish. It takes screws and nails well, glues satisfactorily, stains readily, and takes an excellent polish.

Botanical name

Entandrophragma cylindricum


West and Central Africa

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