Buy White Ash from Vetraland Selective Timber in Greenwich, with delivery available across Greater London. White Ash (or American White Ash) is a strong, straight-grained hardwood with a light appearance and coarse uniform texture. It is slightly harder than Oak although not as durable, and can look very similar when stained (although Oaks have much wider rays). The timber is quite dense and used mainly for interior applications where its light brown and creamy white tones look especially good with a simple clear finish. It is among the least expensive utility hardwoods available.

We can machine to any size (stock depending), please enquire.

Typical applications Furniture, flooring, interior joinery, shop fitting, tool handles, guitar bodies


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PAR finished sizes
21mm x 44mm£4.75
21mm x 69mm£7.12
21mm x 94mm£9.50
21mm x 94mm T&Gv Cladding£10.00
21mm x 144mm£14.25
21mm x 145mm T&Gv Cladding£14.75
21mm x 195mm£19.00
21mm x 245mm£23.75
21mm x 295mm£28.50
21mm x 345mm£33.25
21mm x 395mm£38.00
44mm x 44mm£9.50
44mm x 94mm£19.00
44mm x 145mm£28.50
44mm x 195mm£38.00
44mm x 245mm£47.50
44mm x 295mm£57.00
44mm x 345mm£66.50
44mm x 395mm£76.00
94mm x 94mm£38.00
94mm x 145mm£57.00
94mm x 195mm£76.00
94mm x 245mm£95.00
94mm x 295mm£114.00
94mm x 345mm£133.00
All prices subject to VAT.
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This wood species is not listed in the CITES Appendices, but is on the IUCN Red List


Rated as perishable in contact with ground soil. Only slightly durable in regard to decay and not resistant to insect attack

Working qualities

Easy to handle, White Ash produces good results with hand or machine tools and responds well to steam bending. Glues, stains, and finishes well.

Botanical name

Fraxinus americana


Eastern North America

White Ash

White Ash has a medium to coarse texture similar to oak. The grain is almost always straight and regular.

For further details on our White Ash, please contact us on 020 8858 6441.