Lignia® is the highly-durable modified softwood that delivers like a hardwood, combining technology and nature to help preserve tropical rainforests. It’s produced in the UK and certified to FSC Mix.

The wood is cut from carefully selected large-diameter pruned logs. The trees are harvested like a crop, with less taken out than what grows each year.

It is then modified under controlled conditions to produce sustainable timber of consistency and quality. This involves treating it with a formulated resin and then kilning it; on curing, the resin condenses to produce a large chemically-stable molecule ‘locked’ into wood at a molecular level. The process also reduces the already low levels of formaldehyde present.

Tough and wear-resistant, this beautiful high-performance timber comes with a 50 year warranty against rot and decay in above ground applications. For slip resistance it has a highly constant friction value that provides good traction even when wet.

Lignia looks like a hardwood, so much so that it is also used as an alternative to Teak on yachts. By choosing it we can all increase the planet’s forested lands with no need to cut down so many slow-growing hardwood trees which can lead to significant forest damage.

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Typical applications

Decking, cladding internal and external, flooring, window frames, doors, outdoor furniture, saunas, worktops.


Highly durable (Durability Class 1 MPA), comes with a 50 year warranty against rot and decay.

Working qualities

Lignia is small movement (similar to Western Red Cedar) and pH neutral making it less likely to cause corrosion. It works well and is easy to fix.

With an average density of 650kg/m3 it can be screwed or nailed like any other timber, but pre-drilling is recommended for thicker pieces.

Coatings adhere well, can be painted. Good slip resistance when wet.

Botanical name

Modified from Radiata Pine


New Zealand and Chile

Lignia decking

Lignia decking

Lignia cladding timber

Lignia cladding

Lignia boat decking quarter sawn

Lignia boat decking quarter sawn

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