Iroko is a stable hardwood with excellent strength properties and a versatile alternative to Teak. It is ideal also for outdoor use, requiring very little maintenance after it has been kiln-dried. Its beautiful colour combined with impressive durability makes Iroko a popular choice to use in internal floors, furniture, cladding, fencing and garden decking projects.

Typical applications Exterior and interior joinery, cladding, decking


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22mm x 145mm - Decking Smooth both sides£13.12
21mm x 195mm PAR22.00
21mm x 145mm PAR15.87
21mm x 94mm PAR11.25
21mm x 69mm PAR8.44
21mm x 45mm PAR5.62
21mm x 195mm Tongue & Groove V-Joint Cladding23.00
21mm x 144mm Tongue & Groove V-Joint Cladding 16.87
21mm x 94mm Tongue & groove V- Joint Cladding12.25
90mm x 90mm PAR Post45.00
90mm x 195mm Beams90.00
90mm x 245mm112.50
90mm x 295mm135.00
90mm x 345mm157.50
90mm x 395mm180.00
90mm x 495mm225.00
44mm x 44mm11.25
45mm x 95mm PAR 4"x2" Joist22.50
45mm x 145mm PAR 6"x2" Joist33.75
45mm x 195mm PAR 8"x2" 45.00
45mm x 245mm PAR 10"x2"56.25
45mm x 295mm PAR 12"x2"67.50
45mm x 495mm PAR Plank board145.50
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Iroko trellis garden fencing and seating

Beautiful Iroko trellis garden fencing and seating

A very versatile timber

Iroko is commonly used as an alternative to Teak for DIY projects, sharing many of the same desirable qualities. However it is more affordable, making it ideal when a large quantity of durable wood is required though it’s weaker in bending and in compression along the grain.

Commonly, Iroko will have a yellow hue when it is first cut, but over time this will darken to a golden-brown colour.

Unlike other types of hardwood, Iroko doesn’t require regular preservative treatment and it is naturally resistant to rot and decay. No matter how you’re wanting to use Iroko, you can trust that it has excellent strength properties and will be able to stand the test of time. Iroko works fairly well with most tools too and it is easy to get a beautiful finish to this hardwood when the grain is filled.

Iroko hardwood
Iroko fencing
Iroko hardwood
Iroko Fence panel with Iroko Gravel board

Iroko Fence panel with Iroko Gravel board, Iroko Top Trellis and Iroko 120mm x 100mm slotted posts



Working qualities

Iroko works fairly well with most tools, though with some dulling effect on their cutting edges and a reduction of cutting angle to 15° is usually necessary to obtain a smooth surface. An excellent finish can be obtained if the grain is filled. It takes nails and screws well, and glues satisfactorily.

Botanical name

Chlorophora excelsa, Chlorophora regia


West / Central Africa

There are many other uses for Iroko including interior and exterior joinery, cladding, gates, cabinetry, boat-building and other marine work.

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