A contemporary look to add privacy or to create your boundary line. We can supply individual longer lengths to make your own uninterrupted panels, we supply Laterall Trellis to Lewisham, Greenwich and London.

Our lateral trellises are hand built to bespoke sizes.

Timber choices include

Balau fencing trellis panel


£90.00 per m2
PSE Battens 21mmx45mm
Strong, heavy and very hard, Balau has a coarse texture and with minimal distortion.
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Cedar fencing trellis panel


£80.00 per m2
PSE Battens 20mmx44mm
Naturally resistant to decay, Cedar stays flat and straight with little to no warping.
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Meranti fencing trellis panel


£60.00 per m2
PSE battens 22mmx44mm
Meranti is an affordable and very versatile light hardwood.
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Redwood fencing trellis panel


£40.00 per m2 PSE battens 22mmx44mm.
Unsorted grade, the highest quality of softwood on the market. We also stock 69mm x 22mm and 94mm x 22mm battens to build slatted trellis panels.
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All panels feature a 10mm gap between each batten measuring 44mm x 22mm.
Priced per m2 for bespoke sizes made to measure

Below you’ll see a series of panels built using Meranti Hardwood battens 22mm x 44mm with 10mm gap in between. The second picture is a panel that’s built using Planed Treated Redwood. It’s fully framed and measuring 1.83m x 1.83m. It can be custom built to any size.The panel starts as a greenish colour due to the rot prevention treatment and turns golden brown within a week’s exposure.

Slatted Trellis London

Meranti lateral trellis

Treated redwood lateral trellis

Treated redwood lateral trellis

For further details on our Lateral Trellis, please contact us on 020 8858 6441.