Siberian Larch  is the cladding of choice for many architects, contractors and self-builders, due to the fact that it is extremely versatile – being suitable for most external and internal timber cladding applications – with excellent durability properties (due to a very high resin content) and attractive figuring.

Widely used as well for decking platforms due to its warm and consistent colour.

Siberian Larch is far more dense than native Larch. Trees here grow slower due to the colder climate. The annular rings are much tighter making the timber of the highest grade.

Larch is graded as below:

Unsorted I-III ( very clean, no knots or very few/small knots) Sometimes refered to as Grade A

Sawfalling IV (more presence of big knots which makes the apperance much more busier). Sometimes refered to as grade B

5th Grade (very knotty). Sometimes refered to as Grade C

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Unsorted (Grade A) Please enquire for prices.

200mm x 22mm Cladding Tongue&Groove V-Joint
145mm x 22mm Cladding Tongue & Groove V-Joint
94mm x 22mm Cladding Tongue&Groove V-Joint
145mm x 22mm Decking Smooth both side
200mm x 22mm Decking
200mm x 22mm PAR
145mm x 22mm PAR
94mm x 22mm PAR
69mm x 22mm PAR
45mm x 22mm PAR
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Imported from Russia, it is one of the hardest and strongest commercial softwoods with excellent machining properties, suitable for many end uses including areas of potential high impact damage.

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