You can buy European Beech for collection from Vetraland Selective Timber in London, or use our fast delivery service within the M25 area. European Beech is a versatile, widely-used hardwood where its hardness, wear-resistance, strength and excellent bending capabilities make this a mainstay choice for many woodworkers. Our Beech is quality kiln-dried timber with a straight grain and no knots. It has a pale straw color, sometimes with a pink or brown hue. Flatsawn surfaces tend to be somewhat plain, while quartersawn surfaces exhibit a minute ray fleck pattern.

Widely available across Europe, it very economically priced within its natural range. European beech trees can grow to very large sizes so wide, long lumber is commonly available for use.

Typical applications Furniture, cabinetry, flooring and turned objects


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PAR finished sizes
21mm x 44mm4.75
21mm x 69mm7.12
21mm x 94mm9.50
21mm x 94mm T&Gv CladdingP.O.A
21mm x 144mm14.25
21mm x 145mm T&Gv CladdingP.O.A
21mm x 195mm19.00
21mm x 245mm23.75
21mm x 295mm28.50
21mm x 345mm33.25
21mm x 395mm38.00
44mm x 44mm9.50
44mm x 94mm19.00
44mm x 145mm28.50
44mm x 195mm38.00
44mm x 245mm47.50
44mm x 295mm57.00
44mm x 345mm66.50
44mm x 395mm76.00
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European beech timber

European beech timber has pale straw colour, straight grain, a fine texture and moderate natural lustre

European Beech is not listed in the CITES Appendices or on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.


Beech is considered non-durable or perishable, with poor insect/borer resistance.

Working qualities

Good workability; the wood machines, glues, finishes and turns well. It also responds superbly to steam-bending.

Botanical name

Fagus sylvatica



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