Our living spaces have almost halved in the last century and many of us now look to our gardens to enhance and maximise our personal areas. As we continue to build more intensively, protecting our garden space from unwelcome noise is becoming a priority. Vetraland’s domestic acoustic fence panels provide the solution.

Soundshield™ is the affordable and effective domestic acoustic fencing system, which uses the same expert concepts as manufacturing sound-reducing, timber noise barriers for motorways. Whether you want to reduce intrusive traffic noise or minimise the impact of noisy neighbours, Soundshield™ panels reduce noise pollution levels through sound reflection, protecting your garden from the noise source.

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Acoustic Fencing


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Key Benefits

  • Can provide a 50% reduction in perception of loudness*
  • Suitable to use as either new or retro-fit fence panels
  • Lightweight modular panels for easy installation
  • Compatible with timber posts or concrete H posts
  • Proven to reduce noise transmission by 22dB*
  • Unique design enhances the look of your garden
  • Dual face is aesthetically attractive for both sides
  • Timber is from responsibly­managed British forests
  • Low-maintenance and cost-effective solution
* A lOdB noise reduction to the human ear can provide a 50% reduction in perception of loudness. Soundshield™ panels achieved a reduction of 22dB in independent laboratory tests.
Acoustic fence panels

How It Works

Fencing - sound proofed panels

Our unique Soundshield™ design combines sound damping technology within the panel’s core with a robust surface. This results in a large percentage of the sound source being reflected away. The sound source (unwanted noise) produces sound waves or sound energy that is blocked by the Soundshield™ barrier.

Behind the Soundshield™ barrier a noise shadow area is created and the direct sound travels above. Remaining sound that is heard is known as indirect or diffracted sound. It is this reduced sound that provides more comfortable sound levels for your garden.

Technical Performance

Soundshield™ has been independently tested in a laboratory to BSEN 1793-2 (2012) and achieved an average decibel reduction of 22dB (Dlr). This performance classes the system as a category B2-rated noise barrier in accordance with Highways Agency specifications for motorways.

Fencing - acoustic panels sound reduction

Everyday Examples

To understand what difference Soundshield™ panels can make, here are some everyday sounds which show noise reduction of 22dB:

Fencing Stratford - acoustic

Easy Installation

The Soundshield™ system can be installed by following only a few simple steps.
Fencing Stratford - easy installation

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