Our strong and durable C24 grade regularised treated carcassing timber is perfect for use in construction projects. It is kiln dried before being pressure treated to maximise the treatment penetration, then regularised and easy edged for better handling. We stock a range of sizes as well as joist hangers, twisted nails and screws.

Typical applications Roof structure, floor joists, studwork (internal timber frame walls), decking frame, outhouse, sheds


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47mm x 47mm, per linear metre0.92
47mm x 75mm1.35
47mm x 100mm1.80
47mm x 125mm2.24
47mm x 150mm2.70
47mm x 175mm3.15
47mm x 200mm3.62
47mm x 225mm4.07
75mm x 225mm
roof battens 25mm x 50mm0.75
All prices subject to VAT.
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C24 grade regularised treated carcassing timber

Our timber is kiln dried before being pressure treated to maximise the treatment penetration. The regularisation process ensures that all the timber is of a consistent size and shape, making it easier to handle.

The easy edge means that there are no sharp edges on the timber, making it safer to use. All our treated carcassing timber is compliant with British Standards. We have a wide range of sizes and grades available, so you can find the perfect timber for your project.

Carcassing timber for roof structures

Here at Vetraland we only use the highest quality graded timber for our roof structures. This not only ensures a high-quality finished product but also ensures that your building will be structurally sound for years to come.

Carcassing timber for floor joists and decking frames

Our high-quality carcassing timber is sourced from only the best suppliers and is designed to ensure that your floors are as strong and durable as possible. With our timber, you can be sure that your floor will stand the test of time.

Wood yard carcassing timber

Carcassing timber in stock at our Greenwich premises

Carcassing timber for studwork

Whether you’re building traditional timber frames or modern stud walls, our carcassing timber is carefully selected to be secure for its strength and durability.

Carcassing timber for sheds and workshops

Check out our timber selection today for creating a highly durable garden shed or workshop.

Accessories and protection

Here at Vetraland we supply a range of timber products and accessories. We are also stockists for Osmo specialist wood finishes and treatments.

Our timber protection products are designed to protect your timber from the elements and keep it looking fresh for years. The range of products we sell includes colour protection treatments, water repellents, and wood sealants. We also have a variety of finishes available, so you can find the perfect one to match your needs.

Our products are safe for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can protect all your timber surfaces with ease. Plus, our easy-to-use application methods make it simple to get great results in just minutes.

Timber delivery

We offer local and national delivery of our carcassing timber to wherever you are, on time and in perfect condition.



For further details on our regularised treated carcassing timber from Sweden, please contact us on 020 8858 6441.