Are you someone that takes great pride in being a prestigious construction contractor, and believe that one of the most important contributing factors to this is using top-tier materials? Would you like to enlist the help of a timber merchant in Blackheath that can boast of having an extensive catalogue of products from which to choose from? You will be thrilled to learn that Vetraland Selective Timber is ideally suited to helping you. Ours is a company that has continued to grow since we first opened for business, and we would love to assist you with your upcoming project. If you send us a message at, we will do everything in our power to put a smile on your face.

Want to Purchase Goods From a Timber Merchant in Blackheath?

In truth, the list of reasons as to why you should elect us to be your chosen timber merchant in Blackheath is seemingly endless. Whilst we could certainly point towards our affordable pricing model, we think that our routine customer satisfaction is something that consistently flies under the radar. As you can hopefully see from our glowing Google Reviews, we are a firm that takes into account the needs of our customers. After reading through any of these, it is hard to see why you would look anywhere else for a retailer than Vetraland Selective Timber. 

Our Hardwood Products

As the name suggests, hardwood timber is renowned for the level of durability it possesses; this makes it ideal for use outside of your property, as it has no-trouble combatting the harsh nature of the British climate. For those of you that are looking to construct high-quality decking, or believe that building a brand-new fence can help you to achieve the privacy that you desire, these are the products that you will want to purchase. In terms of your options, there are a few notable variations that you should be on the lookout for. If you like your wood to be slightly lighter, Lignia will prove to be an ideal acquisition. Alternatively, the darker hues of Ipe might provide you with the visuals that you desire. As a first-class timber merchant in Blackheath, Vetraland Selective Timber will be happy to help, regardless of your requirements. 

Not What You’re Looking For?

Although a large proportion of the business that we do on a daily basis relates to the supplying of hardwood, it is important that you recognise that this is far from being our primary speciality. When you solicit the services of Vetraland Selective Timber, you are able to do business with the finest timber merchant in Blackheath. This has only been made achievable by our continued ambition to expand, and broaden our horizons. Within our collection, you can expect to find anything from fencing panels, to such desirable softwoods as Swedish Redwood and Western Red Cedar. Hopefully, you will now begin to understand that our capabilities are diverse, and this allows us to stand out from the crowd.