If you are undertaking a project that requires untreated timber, then Vetraland Selective Timber has a good variety that you can choose from. We are professional timber merchants that provide top quality timber to a variety of clients, whether professional or amateuer, who are in need of timber for construction projects. You can rely on our team to deliver an efficient service and fantastic products, all the while keeping our prices competitive. We are highly knowledgeable about timber so we are able to offer our assistance, making sure that you have an easy and pleasant shopping experience with us.  

Somewhere to Buy Untreated Timber

Our untreated timber is available to our clients in a range of sizes, and we are able to provide things such as planed square edge and tongue and groove flooring. The untreated timber that we have is predominantly taken from Scandinavia, and has a higher density thanks to slower rate of tree growth. So if you are looking for untreated timber and would like to talk to our professionals about the options that we have, then please reach out to us and we will be happy to help. 

The benefits of untreated timber

By using untreated timber, you can benefit from the fact that your wood has not gone through the processes that treated timber has, which means that your wood has not had chemicals added to it which can alter the appearance, the smell and the texture of the wood. People may also feel more comfortable handling and eating off of untreated timber, again because of the chemicals that have been added to treated timber. Because untreated timber has the benefit of being very natural, this may also appeal to those who are looking to have a more rustic and traditional wooden appearance for their timber project.  

Why come to our company?

One of the reasons to come to our company for your untreated timber is because you can trust that the untreated timber and other products that you receive from us will have been taken from a legally farming source and areas which are certified by bodies such as PEFC and FSC. We will also be able to deliver your untreated timber to you if you are living in an area within the M25, which is time saving for you. 

Our product range is also very large, so if you are not interested in untreated timber, then you may find that something else in our stock is of better use to you. We have products ranging from decking and fencing to sheds and cladding, as well as a variety of high quality hardwoods and softwoods

Would you like more information?

To speak to us about our untreated timber selection, please call 020 8858 6441 and you can speak to one of our team who can use their knowledge to provide you with further information, and also discuss the job you need doing. Your enquiries can also be sent to us using the contact form provided or our email address enquiries@vetralandtimber.london.