Do you look at the current state of your garden, and wish that it could be jazzed up a little? Have you been looking into the possibility of buying Western Red Cedar posts, but are yet to find a retailer that is able to meet your expectations? If you can relate to either of these statements, we are delighted to inform you that in Vetraland Selective Timber, you have a company that will have no-trouble catering to your particular needs. Should you be interested in collaboration with us, we recommend that you follow the instructions laid out on our website’s contact page; we endeavour to respond in a prompt fashion, with a helpful answer. 

Thinking of Investing in Western Red Cedar posts?

Should you be relatively new to the world of construction, it might be worthwhile illustrating to you the most prominent benefits associated with this material. First-and-foremost, you should be aware that Western Red Cedar can be harvested in a sustainable fashion, meaning that you can profess to adhering to an environmentally-friendly ethos. Not only this, but products made from this type of timber are well-known to be resistant to rot. No matter how much rain they are subjected to, provided they have been treated with the best varnish, they should continue to serve you. If your interest has been piqued, and subsequently you are thinking of investing in Western Red Cedar posts, the only name that you need to be aware of is that of Vetraland Selective Timber.

Checking Out The Styles

What you might not have realised, if you have not enlisted our help in the past, is that we are able to provide you access with numerous profiles when purchasing Western Red Cedar Posts. Here at Vetraland Selective Timber, we recognise that our clients will have differing needs, meaning that our catalogue needs to be, in a word, diverse. Some of the most prominent options available are tongue-and-groove, which is notorious for being easy to install, and rhombus, which offers a rain screen. However, there is nothing wrong with opting for pencil round and chamfered corners – we refuse to stock anything that is less than first-class from a quality standpoint. To gain a better understanding of what is on offer, we suggest that you take the time to explore the styles for yourself.

Breaking Down Our Collection

For those of you that have not been in contact with Vetraland Selective Timber in the past, now may be the time to walk you through some of the latest additions to our range of our products. Aside from Western Red Cedar posts, we have numerous softwoods from which to choose from – in particular, Siberian Larch and Swedish Redwood have been flying off of the shelves as of late. On the hardwood side of things, we cannot recommend enough our fantastic Black American Walnut and Balau products. When used in an exposed environment, these forms of timber truly come into their own.