There’s no timber quite like Iroko timber. It is a practical hardwood that is often used for both indoor and outdoor projects. Whether you’re working on fencing panelling or kitchen cabinetry, timber is the ideal choice. But compared to well-known timbers like oak, it isn’t a particularly mainstream option. Our team at Vetraland Selective Timber want to make sure that you’re aware of how great an option Iroko timber is. We’ve created some of the advantages of Iroko timber and the benefits that it can bring with it.

The Colouring and Appearance

Iroko timber is an excellent lumber that is predominantly grown in East and West Africa. Usually appears with yellow gold or medium brown in colour. This is one of the reasons it’s really popular because it is a useful alternative to the more mainstream Oak timber. Over time, however, this colour will darken, making it a popular choice for projects like decking and fencing. Additionally, it has a coarse texture with open pores and interlocked grain. It is really beautiful to look at, which is just another reason why you’ll love having it in your home. 

Substantial Durability

You don’t want to choose a timber that isn’t going to last a long time and some timbers, particularly soft timbers, are not particularly rot or insect resistant. This makes them inappropriate for projects outside of the home, like decking, fences or gates. The risk of using non-rot-resistant timber outside the home is needing to frequently replace beams that have started to rot. 

While this might not seem like a particularly big issue, you’ll find that over time, you’ll be spending an awful lot of money on new timbers. But Iroko timber is in fact incredibly durable and resistant to both rot and insect attacks. We know that it will last for many years and you can use it for almost any project.

Easy to Work With

Many of our customers are working professionals, who commonly work with all sorts of different timbers. This often means that our customers can be looking for timbers that are easy to work with because it will ensure that they have a cleaner and better finish. Iroko timber is generally quite easy to work with but its interlocking grain can cause some issues like tear out during surfacing operations. For the most part, however, you shouldn’t have much of an issue working with this timber, no matter how experienced you might be. Additionally, Iroko timber glues and finishes well, so you can create that finished look that you’ve been searching for.

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