Choosing the right timber for your hardwood decking can be a big decision but here at Vetraland Selective Timber, are here to help. We know how popular hardwood decking has become and we want to make the choice as easy as possible for you. To help you make your decision, we’ve come up with the list of three of our most favoured hardwood decking timbers; Ipé, Iroko and Balau that have proved to be incredibly popular amongst our customers. These are ideal for all uses, whether you’re looking to build a large decking area or just a small intimate area in your garden. Each of these timbers has its own advantages. Feel free to explore some of our pointers below;

Install Hardwood Decking

This is a South American timber that grows primarily in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru. The main reason that it is proved a popular choice for hardwood decking is its stunning olive colouration. This warm undertone makes it perfect for almost any garden, allowing you to create a really enjoyable seating area in your outdoor space. If you’re not entirely sold on the colouring, however, Ipé does stain well, and it often darkens as it matures, so you will be able to find an Ipé colouring that you love. Not only does it look like perfection itself, but Ipé is also highly insect and fungi resistant, which means it is a hard-wearing and long-lasting timber. 


This is another amazing timber that originates from the East and West coasts of Africa. This looks very much like teak, with an irregular grain and delightful texture. If you’re looking for a hardwood decking that changes colour over time, then Iroko is the ideal timber. It is a stylish yet affordable choice for hardwood decking and we know how popular it has become in recent years. Much like Ipé, is incredibly weather and insect resistant, making it well suited to the long years it will spend outside. Iroko has it all, the look, the durability and the affordability. 


You also have the Balau timber. This particular form of timber is incredibly unique and if you’re looking for a hardwood decking that stands out from other options, then you’re looking for Balau. It has really rich colouring, which features a deep red and it is just so very stylish. Like other timbers on the list, this offers you the opportunity to enjoy a timber that gets better as the year’s progress. It doesn’t lose any of its charms as it weather’s and ages but instead takes on a gorgeous silvery hue, which we really cannot recommend enough. It is also extremely stable and is an excellent choice if you’re worried about walking or cupping. Its insect and decay resistance also makes it easy to look after, you never have to worry about lots of maintenance with this hardwood decking. 

Looking for More Information?

If you’d like some more advice before you make your decision, then feel free to give us a call on 020 8858 6441 or email us at and we can offer you impartial advice about how to make the most of your hardwood decking.