Are you looking for a great supplier of structural oak beams for your most current project, then we at Vetraland Selective Timber can offer this for you. We at Vetraland have been working in the timber industry for many years, and we are passionate about offering all of our customers access to the high quality timber that they need. No matter what you’re building, ensuring that you have the right structural oak beams is so important. Choosing the wrong beams can cause expensive problems in future, so it’s best to find the right timber now. This is where we can help as our range of oak beams are first rate!

Best Structural Oak Beams

Structural oak beams are made out of a fantastic high quality hardwood oak timber, which comes from the oak trees of the northern hemisphere. There are more than six hundred different species of oak, all of which create a hardwearing and durable oak. The wood is exceedingly strong, with an attractive light colour. The prominent grain is one of the things that makes the timber so popular and its generally resistant to fungal attacks. This makes it ideal for a number of different uses, including beams, because it is less likely to rot. Oak is a slow growing tree, which can take more than 150 years to fully mature, which is what gives it the strength necessary to create structural oak beams. 

What is oak used for?

Oak wood has a number of different uses because it’s a strong timber. It is often used for flooring and furniture, particularly as it’s strength makes it durable through many years. This means that oak is often used for very big and very small items, from wardrobes to chopping boards, and from wine barrels to firewood. It is these same properties that make the oak a great choice for structural oak beams. Their strength and resistance make them popular among many builders, who are just looking for a sturdy material that will last a long time. Having worked with Oak for a number of years, we understand just how important oak is to furniture and building, particularly as we ensure that it is sustainably sourced.

Need some structural oak beams?

If you’re looking for great timber that you can rely on, then why not try structural oak beams? We at Vetraland are committed to ensuring that all of our oak is of the highest possible quality and sustainably sourced from FSC approved suppliers. We understand that we have a duty to the environment and the future of the world to ensure that we have a healthy world to pass on to future generations. That’s why we recommend using oak as your excellent oak beam structure, which is a renewable source that doesn’t compromise on quality. To find out more about our structural oak beams and how you can use them for your next building project, then why not talk to our experts today? You can give us a call on 020 8858 6441 or email us at