If you want to make the most of your garden or outdoor space, then why not look into installing a hardwood decking? If you are, then Vetraland Selective Timber is an ideal choice for you. For a number of years, we have been supplying our customers with excellent quality softwood and hardwood decking along with the necessary fitments, treatments and decorative accessories. We use only the highest quality, responsibly sourced timber to make sure that your decking is everything that you could want it to be. Long lasting and great to look at, there really is nothing quite like the Vetraland Selective Timber hardwood decking.

Trying to Find Durable Hardwood Decking?

Tropical Hardwood Decking

These hardwood deckings are a durable landscaping material that can be incorporated neatly into almost any outside area, providing a raised, comfortable space to relax outside. Our tropical hardwood decking is made from exotic and rich grained woods that are durable and naturally resistant to rot and insects, which really does make it ideal for a long lasting decking. This hardwood decking is a beautiful golden or reddish brown appearance, it creates a really beautiful space for you to enjoy. 

As with all of our timber, we’re careful to ensure that all of our hardwood timber is sourced ethically and sustainably, particularly as much of it has been sourced from rain forest areas. All of our timber is certified and properly farmed, ensuring that the rain forest area remains green and that trees are replanted.

Softwood Decking

Our softwood decking is entirely different from the strong colours of our tropical hardwood decking. It is usually made of a light honey brown wood, which creates a more gentle aesthetic than the tropical hardwood decking. The softwood is decidedly easier to work with than the hardwood decking and is decidedly more cost effective, making it easier to get hold of and install. 

That being said, our softwood, which is often made from European coniferous trees, is more likely to rot after about fifteen years or so.

Just like our hardwood decking, we’re careful to source our softwood from FSC certified forests, making sure that we do good with our decking rather than just taking. Our softwood decking is particularly useful for our customers who like to experiment with colours and shades because our range of stains and treatments can offer these options. 

Ways to Reach our Team

If you’re interested in building a decking area in your outside space and you want to build it with a quality, reliable wood, then we are the ideal choice for you. With our wide range of softwood and hardwood decking, we have the perfect timber for everyone, no matter what your style and interests might be. 

From lighter softwood, to the richer hardwood decking, we’re delighted to offer you the right choices for you. If you’re interested in finding out more, then you can talk to one of our expert members of staff on either 0208 858 6441 or enquiries@vetralandtimber.london. We would be more than happy to help you in any way that we can.