Tongue & groove is a profile cladding boards made from quality softwood which can be stained, varnished or painted depending on the project or left to weather to a natural silver/grey colour. The cladding boards have been machined to form a tongue & groove fixing that slot together with a V-joint that gives a pleasing look to the whole structure. The boards are usually installed vertically.

We also supply Tongue&Groove cladding in Western Red Cedar and Syberian Larch


Prices per linear metre

Redwood 5th 20mm x 125mm actual£2.05
Redwood 5th 20mm x 94mm actual£1.96
Redwood 5th Treated 14mm x 119mm actual£1.64
Cedar 144mm x 18mm actual£9.16
Cedar 94mm x 18mm actual£6.62
Please note all prices are subject to VAT

For further details on our Tongue & Groove, please contact us on 020 8858 6441.