If you have a project that is going to require cedar cladding, then Vetraland Selective Timber has what you are looking for. Our company stocks and supplies a vast range of hardwood and softwood, as well as accessories and a variety of timber products. The items that we have for sale are competitively priced and you can also benefit from our prompt delivery – available to clients living in areas within the M25. 

Our team has a great expertise when it comes to timber and the products that we have, and will gladly offer you assistance if you need help. Our services are available for professionals as well as those carrying out DIY projects, but no matter who you are you can expect your timber to be of a high quality. 

What is cladding? 

Cladding offers several qualities for a building including insulation, weather protection, and depending on the material of the cladding, can produce a nice appearance as well. The cedar cladding that we stock at Vetraland Selective Timber is a great choice for your project because it is a durable and stable material, with good grain structure and we have a variety of different profiles for your cedar cladding that you can choose from. 

Because of the beautiful differences in the colour of our cedar cladding, you can also get the aesthetic appeal you are looking for, the overall appearance can offer both a rustic and natural vibe, as well as a modern and chic aura. 

Why come to us for your cedar cladding? 

When you come to us for your cedar cladding you can enjoy the beauty and functionality of your timber while also knowing that it is certified by PEFC and FCS and therefore, you and our company are helping to lower our impact on the environment. Another reason that you should come to us for your cedar cladding is because we can deliver your cedar cladding to you. Our delivery services extend to those within the M25, and this is a great service as it means that you do not have to cut time out of your own day, or arrange for the necessary transportation to get your products home.

What other products can we provide you with?

Cedar cladding is only one of a very long list of products that Vetraland Selective Timber is able to supply for you. We have a range of high quality soft and hardwoods such as Siberian Larch, Sweedish Redwood, Oak, Iroko and many more. We also have fence panels, trellises, posts, sheds, decking and other products as well. If you would like to see the full list of products we sell alongside cedar cladding, then please have a browse through our website. 

Do you want to get in touch with us? 

To speak with our team about the cedar cladding that you require for your project, or indeed if you would like to ask about any of our other services, then we will be happy to talk with you. You can either call 020 8858 6441, email enquiries@vetralandtimber.london, or send a message to us by filling out the enquiry form. Our team will be available to communicate with you in a friendly and effective manner.