Your South East London timber merchants

After running a highly regarded landscaping company in London for over ten years, Vetraland brought its experience and expertise to supplying quality timber and timber products from its new premises in Greenwich.

As timber merchants we’ve tailored our service to offer the elements we know you need – quality, availability, competitive and clear pricing, friendly service – along with product samples and prompt deliveries within the M25.

Working with one of the most beautiful natural products in the world, we take care to source our wood and wood products reputably.

Honest advice, thoughtful service

We will happily advise on materials and go the extra mile to make sure you have everything you need to complete your projects.

We strive to offer better quality, that’s why we’re a selective timber yard

– GP Vetrano, Director

Vetraland – what’s in a name?

We originally adapted ‘Vetrano Landscaping’ to name our previous business, then slightly revised the Vetraland identity for our timber yard today.

Forklift with timber