Our posts can be used for erecting fencing and installing gates, pergolas, raised decking, balconies, lean-tos, carports as well as many more instances where vertical strength and stability is needed.


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We also offer Postmix and Cement in plastic bags.

Softwood treated(3"x3") 75x75mmx2.4m
Softwood treated(4"x4") 100x100mmx2.4m
Softwood treated(4"x4") 100x100mmx3m
Softwood treated(5"x5") 125m125mmx3m
Softwood treated(6"x6") 150x150mmx3m
Smooth post and H-Posts 2.4m Tall
New Euro Oak QP1-100mm x 100mm
New Euro Oak QP1-150mm x 150mm
New Euro Oak QP1-50mm x 150mm
New Euro Oak QP1-75mm x 225mm
New Euro Oak QP1-75mm x 300mm
Please note all prices are subject to VAT

Concrete slotted posts and gravel boards

Slotted 1.8m
Slotted 2.4m
Slotted 2.7m
Slotted 3m
Recessed Gravel Board 1.83m x 150mm
Recessed Gravel Boards 1.83m x 300mm
Concrete Spur 100x100x1200mm
Please note all prices are subject to VAT
Smooth planed pine posts

Smooth planed pine posts

Bishop's Hat oak post

Bishop’s Hat oak post