Our modern bespoke slatted fencing sets a stylish tone for gardens and outdoor spaces.

Contemporary hardwood fence panels London

Smart contemporary fencing using Balau hardwood 21mm x 145mm

These contemporary wall or post mounted fence panels make a standout decorative feature to beautifully complement a property and define its surroundings. Each panel can be built to your particular size requirements from our range of quality planed softwood and hardwood timbers.

We also supply individual battens for self build panels from each timber listed below.

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Timber choices include

Larch timber trellis


Excellent durability for a softwood with attractive figuring
£80.00 per m2
PSE battens 23mm x 44mm
or produced to size
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Iroko hardwood

Iroko KD

Very stable Hardwood with interesting grain features
£115.00 per m2
PSE battens 22mm x 44mm
otherwise produced to size
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Cedar panel


£105.00 per m2
PSE Battens 20mm x 44mm
Naturally resistant to decay, Cedar stays flat and straight with little or no warping.
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Meranti fencing trellis panel


£105.00 per m2
PSE battens 22mm x 44mm
Meranti is an affordable and very versatile light hardwood
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Redwood fencing trellis panel


£65.00 per m2
PSE battens 22mm x 44mm
Unsorted grade, the highest quality of softwood on the market. We also stock 69mm x 22mm and 94mm x 22mm battens to build slatted trellis panels
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American White Ash hardwood

American White Ash

PSE Battens 21mm x 44mm
Strong, straight-grained hardwood, Ideal for interior applications.
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All panels feature a 10mm gap between each batten measuring 44mm x 22mm, this can be adjusted accordingly as required. Priced per m2.

Meranti & Redwood trellis panels

Meranti and Redwood trellis panels

Larch lateral slatted trellis

Larch lateral trellis, horizontal and vertical

Iroko Fence panel with Iroko Gravel board

Iroko Fence panel with Iroko Gravel board, Iroko Top Trellis and Iroko 120mm x 100mm slotted posts

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