There is a wide variation in the strength properties of the various Merantis due to the differences in density and the number of species involved.


Meranti PSE per linear metre

44 x 20mm
68 x 20mm
94 x 20mm
95 x 18mm
120 x 18mm
150 x 18mm
144 x 20mm
44 x 44mm
144 x 44mm
95 x 45mm
70 x 45mm
57 x 57mm
70 x 70mm
94 x 69mm
94 x 94mm
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Typical applications

Cladding, exterior and interior joinery


Slightly durable (Can vary in durability)

Working qualities

The wood is capable of a good smooth surface, and the various species can be glued, nailed and screwed satisfactorily. It can be stained and polished quite well after suitable filling.

Botanical name

Shorea spp



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