Similar or superior to Greenheart in bending strength, shock resistance, hardness, shear and in across-the-grain properties of compression and tension, but it’s slightly weaker in crushing strength, elastic resilience in bending and stiffness.


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We also supply Stainless Steel Screws for Hardwood decking.
Prices are per linear metre

20mm x 138mm Smooth both sides£8.10
25mm x 44mm - Batten PFS£5.35
25mm x 69mm - Battens PFS£7.29
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Typical applications

Decking, flooring, heavy structural use, marine or freshwater construction


Very durable

Working qualities

Massaranduba is moderately easy to work despite its high density. The wood takes a fine polish and has the appearance of walnut, it machines and finishes to a very smooth surface. Gluing requires special care because of the wood's resistance to absorption of moisture

Botanical name

Manilkara bidentata, Manilkara spp


Tropical Americas (Central and South America)

Massaranduba hardwood

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