Fully framed panel using pressure treated timber. Can be erected using slotted concrete posts or wooden posts of 100mm x 100mm. It is a very robust panel. Install with a gravel board at the base to prolong its longevity.


We offer a 10% trade discount.

1.83m x 1.83m (6' x 6')£28.25
Wooden gravel Board 1.83m x 150mm£3.35
Slotted Concrete Post 2.4m£14.19
Slotted concrete Post 2.7m£16.56
Slotted Concrete Post 3m£18.90
Concrete Grave Board 150mm x 1.83m£8.53
Concrete Gravel Board 300mm x 1.83m£13.40

Closeboard fencing panel

fencing - featheredge panel rear

Closeboard fencing panel (rear)

Fencing accessories - ball, acorn, post cap

Ball, Acorn and Post Cap

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