Swedish slow growing regularised timber. All our timber is kiln dried before being pressure treated to maximise penetration.
We supply carcassing from 47x50mm to 75x225mm up to 6m long
Please note that 75x200 and 75x225 in 6m long are FJ (finger jointed)


We will apply 20% discount To TRADE customers
And a further 10% for full packs purchased.

All prices per linear metre.

C16-47mm x 75mm£1.20
C16-47mm x 100mm£1.63
C24-47mm x 125mm£2.90
C24-47mm x 150mm£3.03
C24-47mm x 200mm£3.93
C24-75mm x 225mm£6.85
Battens 19mm x 38mm£0.44
Battens 25mm x 50mm£0.63

Typical applications

Roof structure, floor joists, studwork (internal timber frame walls), decking frame, outhouse, sheds



We supply from stock:
2’’ x 2’’  (  47mm x 47mm) C16, C24
3’’ x 2’’  (  75mm x 47mm) C16, C24
4’’ x 2’’  (100mm x 47mm) C16, C24

5″ x 2″  (125mm x 47mm) C24
6’’ x 2’’  (150mm x 47mm) C24
8’’ x 2’’  (200mm x 47mm) C24
9’’ x 3’’  (225mm x 75mm) C24

Battens 2’’ x 1’’ (50mm x 25mm)

For further details on our Regularised treated carcassing, please contact us on 020 8858 6441.